Are you one of the 100 million Americans without dental insurance? We have you covered! We have designed this plan so everyone can have access to good dental care. We believe preventive care is essential for good oral and general health. Modern Smiles Dental Care Gold plan is an affordable option for individuals and families with no dental insurance. We hope that you can utilize this plan to maintain and improve the health of your family for years to come.  Learn more now!!!

The Gold plan is not a dental insurance and the plan is ideal for patients without dental insurance. 

The plan will offer cover preventive dental procedures and offer significant discounts on other dental procedures.

  • Patients with immediate treatment needs — benefits start immediately
  • Patients without current dental insurance
  • Retirees on a fixed income
  • Families on a budget
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Recent graduates without insurance
  • Children without preventive coverage  

Modern Smiles Dental Care is now offering our valued patients an affordable dental discount plan to help lower your expenses and simplify your dental needs.  

We recognize that our patients’ insurance premiums are increasing each year and still require you to pay a portion for treatment rendered. Now there’s a better way!

The Modern Smiles Gold Plan can save you money on quality dental care.

  • Feel confident with our reputable office.
  • Complimentary exams, x-rays and preventative cleanings.
  • Discounts on our dental fees
  • Convenient for families
  • We offer flexible hours and a convenient location.

I’m in! How do I get started?

All you need to do is call the office at 781-505-1900 or stop in. Our financial coordinator will be pleased to assist you. 

What if I am already a patient & want to sign-up for a GOLD Plan?

We would love to have you join! Our Gold Plan is available to both new and existing uninsured patients.

Are benefits transferable to other family members or friends?

No, each individual member must use their own benefits. Looking at traditional dental insurance plans can be overwhelming. Consumers are often left feeling confused and mislead on what is a covered benefit. We take that anxiety out of that decision making. Our financial coordinator will spend quality time with you going over the options and clearly explaining our membership plan.