Study uncovers the main Reason People Hate Going to the Dentist

A study published in the Health Affair Magazine analyzed the real reason that people avoid the dentist.  Fear or inconvenience are not top reason that people forgo dental health, the top reason was the cost of dental services.  The study found that 13 percent of people skip the dentist because of the cost and cost is more than three times more likely than fear to be the reason people skip the dentist.  

At Modern Smiles Dental Care, Burlington, Dr. Malhotra takes pride in providing affordable dental care.  Dental procedures can be costly.  We are network providers for most insurances and would work with patients to maximize the benefits on the insurance. In addition we offer a Gold Member plan if you don’t have dental insurance, which offers significant discounts.  If you have been delaying dental care or postponing cosmetic dentistry procedures because of the cost of treatment, talk to us.